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Traction & Drivetrain

This function prevents roll back on a hill when a driver accelerates from an incline while previously having the foot on the brakes.

Helps certain vehicles maintain stability while going downhill, typically on a steep slope.

This system allows a driver to select between 4-wheel and 2-wheel drive. Available on certain models.

Use the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) function to help maintain control when turning on slippery surfaces.

The Traction Control (TRAC) feature limits wheel spin on slippery surfaces, when driving in a straight line.

Many Toyota models feature trailer towing capability and some may include a towing package and/or trailer hitch.

Many Toyota vehicles are capable of towing trailers of different types and sizes, so it’s important to understand some key trailer towing terms before attempting to tow a trailer with your vehicle.

Toyota is committed to reducing emissions and improving air quality but incorporating low-emissions technologies and introducing low-emissions vehicles in its lineup.