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What Makes the Toyota 4Runner a Dependable Off-Road Vehicle?

What Makes the Toyota 4Runner a Dependable Off-Road Vehicle?


Whether on the highway, in the city, or during off-road rallies, the Toyota 4Runner is considered one of the more durable and dependable of vehicles around. While most off-road vehicles depend on over-the-top engine performance and inventive suspension systems, the Toyota 4Runner has stuck with the design that works.

The standard 4.0-Liter, 270-horsepower engine provides more than enough power for off-road driving where terrain determines speed. Knowing the impacts the front wheels take during off-road driving, Toyota went with a double wishbone suspension system for the front allowing for more flexibility. In the rear, Toyota opted for a multilink suspension for greater grip on difficult terrain. While the front axle is independent in design to allow adaptable flexibility, the rear axle is rigid to apply power evenly.

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