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Toyota Tacoma Delivers Countless Safety Features

Toyota Tacoma Delivers Countless Safety Features

Toyota Tacoma

There are many reasons why the Toyota Tacoma is a popular midsize pickup truck that drivers love. These are a few of the safety features that drivers in our city are raving about!

The Toyota Tacoma comes with the Lane Departure Alert feature that keeps drivers alert on the road. If the system detects that the vehicle is drifting over the lane line, the steering wheel gets a vibration to alert the driver to bring the car back to the center of the lane. If the driver does not respond, the vibrations will get stronger. The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control feature in the Toyota Tacoma is an advanced feature in an older system. Set the cruise control speed, then the system scans the road for anything in your way. Depending on how close you are, the braking system will power down enough to keep that cushion between you and traffic.

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